50mm Antique Blinds

These blinds also known as ‘plas’ ‘ecowood’ or ‘fauxwood’ blinds, are an innovation and leader in the blinds industry today as they have created an entirely different looking 50mm slat. Not only are they far more durable but our Ecowood or Fauxwood is now also covered in a “Myelin Sheath” to create the wide varieties of wood lookalike, antique or aged looking fauxwood blinds that the Antique Range now offers you. The composition of these blinds is partly wood and partly plastic composite- extruded together to form a slat.

The composition of fauxwood blinds allow for a far more durable blind; they don’t fade, are scratch resistant and with accelerated UV testing, these unique blinds are sure to last you.

The range offers strong wood lookalike laminates for a bold and earthy element, along with the iconic and original antique looking colors like gold, silver or black. They are now an ever-expanding range of options for up-to-date in season colors like olive, stone or a pinky woody hue. They are truly a stylish and elegant design for your spaces, versatile and can be mixed and matched, to create a unique feature.

This product has been established in the blinds industry as a ground-breaking design due to its innovative decorative surface. They are so bespoke and beautiful – they are surly a design feature and element for any space or room!

Colour Swatches

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