The launch of Ambient Security Aluminium Shutters

The Ambient Security Shutters. The journey of becoming a manufacturer for a new range and product started 2015. When you have big news, you need a big plan.

Ambient Security Shutters – In 2015 Focus embarked on the journey of becoming a manufacturer for a new range and product. Usually, when you have big news, you need a big plan. And that’s where the product launch came into play. From establishing the proper messaging to reach our audience, creating helpful content for our customers and setting the stage for the new product, we embarked on a three day launch and training session.
Ambient Security Shutters
Most companies use marketing businesses to set their launch up, display the products or services in a particular way and reach their audience, however we chose to make the three days more personal. We chose to make it about our customers and their needs.
It takes discipline. When you launch a product, everyone in your company is probably excited about the technical specs, and all of the different ways your product pushes the boundaries, and it is easy to assume your customer feels the same way. However, we knew we were displaying our product to you for the first time and covering every aspect by receiving questions from each of you was important to us.

This is what we based our marketing around. By not just assuming but actually showing you a compelling picture of how it’s going to make your experience with the product easier, giving you the tools you need and getting you as excited about the Ambient Shutter as we are.

We were fortunate enough to have the hall in the Jackal Creek Golf estate; its scenic views off its terrace and natural surroundings gave us a perfect backdrop and setting to display our brand new product. Here are some of the photos of the experience.

Ambient Security Shutters
Guests were greeted at the door with name tags, coffee, tea and smiles and we used the Ambient branded stationary as place-settings where customers could take notes.
The décor of the hall was a perfect backdrop to extended training sessions, mingling and discussions of the new shutter which was neatly displayed in the Ambient Shutter sample. (Please click below to enquire about a sample stand or panel).
Ambient could not have asked for a better launch or setting. A big thank you to Jackal Creek for having us.
Ambient Security Shutters    Ambient Security Shutters

Ambient Security Shutters  Ambient Security Shutters

Ambient Security Shutters

Ambient Security Shutters


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