Ombre Zebras

A modern home needs a modern blind that can offer everything a traditional blind can, and more!

This adaptable blind option is a modern spin on the old-style roller blind. As part of the roller blind family, the Zebra blind has two separate layers of fabric, each decorated with horizontal stripes, one translucent and one opaque. You can roll the whole entire length of the blind up, so you can enjoy the view from your window and let the light pour into your room, or you can roll the entire length of the blind down, blocking all light out and allowing for total privacy – just as the roller blind does.

Each layer of fabric moves independently of each other, therefore allowing you to either align both translucent stripes together, letting light in so you can enjoy the warm sunshine. Or, you can align the opaque stripes to block out the light and give you total privacy. The third option available is to align the stripes so that they lie with alternate, translucent and opaque stripes, filtering the light into the room, giving you soft daylight without the annoyance of any glare.

The Ombre Zebra Range adds even more design to your Zebra Blind- the opaque panels are now in Ombre tones with an extra touch of glam, the glitter stripe. Ideal in any space, this unique blind adds a touch of glam and style to any room!

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