Investing in Ambient Aluminium Security Shutters is a good idea

Why investment in Aluminium Shutters is a good idea and the differences between blinds and shutters for the use of window coverings

Shutters are attractive in any space with numerous fixing options such as Bi-fold, Hinged or Bypass. They are therefore versatile, easy to use, easy to clean and are aesthetically pleasing. For anyone wanting to weigh up the pros and cons of this product, this blog post is for you. The decision one makes to invest in such a luxury product should be taken seriously and reading through all the technical and design features may help you make up your mind as to whether Blinds or Shutters are what you are looking for.

Ambient Aluminium Security Shutters

Ambient Aluminium Security Shutters

Lifespan of Shutters vs Blinds

Blinds are wonderful for adding colour and texture to your windows, with more design options available and depending on what kind of blind you choose, the average lifespan of a blind window treatment is 7 years. Where Eco-wood or Antique may last as long as 15 years if not in extreme heat and sunlight and if properly cared for. Roller blinds on average would certainly remain around the 5 to 7-year mark, with cleaning once a week.  Venetian blinds, be it 25mm or 50mm may last as long as 5 years, if no repairs are needed for bent slats.

It is undeniable that with powder-coated extruded Aluminium shutters that the lifespan on an extremely conservative estimate is 30 years, longer in most cases. Aluminum Reinforced Shutters’ artificial structure means that they are incredibly durable. The stiles, rails and louvers are made with an aluminum core that is actually co-extruded into the solid polymer at the same time the component is made. The aluminum core is lighter than wood (for less strain on window frames and surrounding walls) and makes much wider louvers which makes it possible to have better views wherever they are installed.

The co-extruded aluminum support also makes it possible for aluminum reinforced window shutters to be set up with screws for top-quality strength, compared with other poly shutters that are just glued together. Using screws is by far the most secure method for assembling shutter panels and also allows for easy replacement of a louver if it becomes damaged.

Aluminum Reinforced plantation shutters have a been coated with powder coating process in a plant and are moisture resistant and fire retardant. They offer a high insulation value against heat and cold and are easy to clean and maintain. With low maintenance and guarantee not to warp or discolor, these are a perfect long-term solution.

Stone Coloured Ambient Aluminium Shutters Outdoor

Stone Coloured Ambient Aluminium Shutters Outdoor


There is no doubt that interior shutters are attractive. They come in a variety of sizes and the finish is clean and sleek, as well as functional mounting options. They fit in with just about any decor and offer a clean, cohesive look throughout the home. You can select from 4 different colors. Remember that Ambient shutters are seen from both the interior of your home as well as the exterior. If the exterior of your home is dark, Satin White will brighten up the space.

However, I the look of Shutters is too stark for your tastes, blinds offer a far more comprehensive range of woody textures and stains or roller fabrics for a softer feel. Blinds allow you far more choice in terms of the options available in each category of blinds as seen here or When it comes to selection of choice between blinds r shutters, apart from the price, the look and feel may sway you to choose blinds.

Ambient Basswood Blinds

Ambient Basswood Blinds


Interior shutters can be adjusted to let the light flow in, yet keep prying eyes out much like mini-blinds. This allows you to have privacy as well as light. If you angle them in such a manner, you can even see out, but others won’t be able to see in. The other advantage here is that there is no lifting of heavy blinds to create this privacy. Some blinds such as the wooden blinds or Faux-wood blinds generally get heavier as you pull them up, since thy stacking as you are pulling, they get heavier as each slat lies on top of the other. This is not a feature with Shutters.


Want to let the fresh air inside yet maintain your privacy? Not only can you adjust the Ambient for supreme privacy and control the light coming in, you can open up the windows, let the air flow in, and then adjust the shutters for total ventilation – all without compromising your privacy.

Some blinds like Ambient Roller Blinds don’t allow so much versatility however the Zebra range is quite cleverly designed to allow an all-open, all closed or partially open when lining up the “Zebra Stripes”, as seen here Venetian Blinds allow a similar sort of option with the tilting of the slats for any angle, where the downside is their weight when lifting them back up to the lintel completely.

Stone Grey Shutters for a sleek Interior Design

Interior Ambient Venetian Range

 Easy to clean.

Interior shutters are virtually maintenance-free. Use a damp cloth from time to time and wipe off the dirt, dust, and grime. In addition, you don’t need to take them down in order to clean them as you would with other types of window coverings. A quick wipe down is all you need. The shutters have a larger surface area than mini-blinds making them much easier to clean.

 Child safety.

Ambient Shutters do not have dangling cords or strings that children can get tangled up in, making them a safer alternative to mini-blinds and drapes. Families with small children and babies don’t have to worry about their babies getting tangled in the window coverings when they have shutters installed. Shutters are a much safer alternative. Usually a downside to consider would be that children can easily open and shut the shutters due to the design, however our shutters have a Patented Louver Lock.

With Ambient Blinds, generally you can install hooks to keep pullies and strings out of the way.

Capital home improvement.

Aluminum Ambient Security Shutters not only provide design, privacy and light control, they can enhance the value of your home.

Shutters make your home more attractive for you, or for a future buyer. When you install these particular shutters, you are installing an asset that can actually be appraised into the cost of your home. Ambient shutters also have the added benefit of security, for a South African home owner, this is another attractive feature.

Usually new home owners and people looking to buy install new blinds, it is not often however they are not an added value or key feature for a prospective buyer.

Ambient Black Solar Weave

Ambient Black Solar Weave


Ambient Aluminium Security Shutters offer clients a shutter with added security features. These superior quality shutters combine aesthetics, practicality and added security to effectively enhance the interior or exterior design of homes, hotels, offices or retail shops. The shutters can be securely locked by means of a patented spring-loaded bolt system and key lock. Shutters are maintenance free as well as being particularly well suited to the harsh conditions of coastal areas and can be powder coated in a wide selection of standard or custom colors.

The Louver Lock which we have also patented is a new feature and is one of a kind, allowing added security and versatility with your Ambient Shutter.

Stone Ambient Range Shutters

Stone Ambient Range Shutters



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