Blockout blinds offer a perfect solution to blocking out most of the light if not all the light, in areas that you require complete privacy or dark.

The Block-out technique is an innovative fusing process that is used to apply the blind fabric to the lining and allows the blind fabric to look almost untouched when hung, as the lining holds all the internal structure and sewing of the blind. This means that there is a neater, streamline finish with “blackout” caused by the backing layer.

Appreciating the dim by closing Blockout roller blinds and dimming lights in the evening before we go to bed helps prepare our brains and bodies for sleep. Furthermore, research has shown that cutting out all light sources while we sleep can halt interruptions to out body clocks as well as increase serotonin production. Simply put, learning to love the dark prevents changes to our internal rhythm.

Reducing energy costs is a must in today’s climate, as well as having a lower impact on the environment. The thicker lined Blockout material helps to retain heat in a room when it is cold, and will reflect heat out of a room when hot and help maintain a moderate temperate, creating a relaxing environment.

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