Elegant and Modern Black and Grey – Ambient Venetian Basswood Blinds

Basswood Ambient Range - 50mm Venetian Basswood Binds - Modern take on window treatments with trendy colors for any interior

Not quite grey and not quite taupe, these neutrals play to both sides of the color spectrum. It was therefore of course a no-brainer adding them to our Basswood 50mm Venetian Blinds and with our ever-growing Ambient range, we are very excited about these tones. Adding them as a back-drop and to areas of broader or larger spaces allows one to add bold color and accents to a room.

Grey and Black Living Room inspiration

Black and Grey inspiration for 50mm Ambient Venetian Basswood Blinds

The Versatile Stone Grey

It’s almost a clay hue, which is full of shades you’ll see right outside your window that you’ll want to bring inside. Whether a bold black frame of sleek basswood, or the lighter stone color, these hues are excellent modern takes on window-coverings.

Our new Basswood range includes two new colors, one of which is the warm Stony grey color, and the other is a matte, stone Black. We have taken inspiration not only from Elle Décor and Plascon colors 2017, but we have also drawn inspiration from earthy hues in nature and the flexibility that these colors allow for interiors. Below is out new Stone Basswood.

Ambient SA Basswood 50mm Venetian color: Stone

Ambient SA Basswood 50mm Venetian color: Stone

My favorite inspiration is pairing this warm grey hue with a gold bright tone. The juxtaposition of these colours is not only complimentary but creates an interesting three dimensional feel. Pairing our warm grey tone Basswood Blinds with these gold accents displayed below would make for a highly complimentary interior, whether it be a gold and blue curtain or gold framing on the walls next to your window treatment, this is sure to enhance any space.

Inspiration for Stones – grey mixed with gold

 Stone Basswood - Inspiration and color pallet

Stone Basswood – Inspiration and color pallet











This month of Spring, for pastels – we are pleased to be casting the spotlight on a gorgeous and elegant neutral. The colour inspiration came from Plascon called Ravine (EC 62) from the 2016 Colour Forecast and featured in the latest issue of Spaces Magazine. Ravine is the perfect base colour around which to build a look. It is a contemporary neutral in that it is a great blend of beige and grey. Below is inspiration we drew from fashion- shockingly stylish!

Ambient Range - Stone - Plascon and Fasion style inspiration

Ambient Range – Stone – Plascon and Fasion style inspiration

As seen in the above images, grey does well as a background to wood and warmer tones, meaning it does not age in a space, making it versatile. Since our featured hue has a nice earthy quality to it, it adds an organic vibe to a room, especially when paired with natural materials such as wood and stone. This living room features a variety of different textures, but they are tied together well through the use of warm gray neutral hues. As seen in this sitting room design, warm grays play well with a variety of wood tones. Since our featured hue has a nice earthy quality to it, it adds an organic vibe to a room, especially when paired with natural materials such as wood and stone.


Weightless Black Charcoal

Our new Basswood Wooden Venetian Blinds range with these two colour pops have the perfect texture and feel for subtle window treatments. Basswood Venetian Blinds have superior quality and look. They offer great UV protection, easy cord lift control, and are resistant to cracking, chipping and peeling. Use this Charcoal as an eye-catching window treatment to frame your windows and control light.

Ambient range - Basswood Venetian 50mm - Charcoal

A perfect and simple solution to having a bold but clean slate is this matte black colour. Our inspiration for this colour has come from the modern trend of having an undertone and darker contemporary feel on the windows – thereby creating a border to the world outside. Below is our inspiration is pairing this harsh matte black hue with a gold bright tones, woody textures and earthy colours. Please click here to view more colours https://www.ambientsa.co.za/basswood-blinds/


Inspiration in Interiors: Frame your windows Black


This Black Ambient Venetian Basswood is both masculine but subtle, modern but classic. It would create the perfect blind to a contemporary room featuring wooden furniture, elements of color and curtains drawn back featuring warmer shades. All blinds are manufactured with strict quality controlled and supervision and we are able to produce large quantities without compromising the integrity of the product.

Gold – Grey – Tan – Black Inspiration. Pairing shades and tones that compliment any colour scheme

Benjamin Moore Stonington-Gray in a stairwell. Black-hand-rail-and-white-spindles-and-original-artwork



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