Our Unique Antique 50mm Venetian Blinds

Whenever one thinks of Antique Venetian Blinds, an image of the usual Hibachi, Basswood, Bamboo or Faux-wood blinds come to mind.

Whenever one thinks of 50mm wooden blinds, an image of the usual Hibachi, Basswood, Bamboo or Faux-wood blinds come to mind. They are common window treatments, suitable for most rooms, depending on the utility of the space, and their simple design and construction makes them functional and easy to use. They are available in many different textures as well as rich and vibrant earthy colours, distinctly representing woods. The versatility and varied ranges thus makes this product some of the most popular and recognised world over. With their deep woody textures and colour, they have been in the blinds industries around the world, for decades.

Faux-wood or (Plas-wood) Blinds are an alternative to real wood blinds and are a mixture of man-made materials and plastic particles, which have been combined and extruded to form the slat. These extrusions are then either embossed or left the way they are depending on the look one wants to achieve. Faux-wood or fake wood blinds are extremely popular as they are both economically and aesthetically pleasing. Unlike real wood blinds, they can be installed in high-humidity areas and do not fade or warp over time. With their high UV ratings and their ability to stand the test of time, they have become the most popular choice of Venetian slating

Ambient - Antique Venetian Blinds

However, in 2014, a unique and brilliant product was created that has been and still is leading the way in the blinds industry as a new and innovative product in the 50mm wood lookalikes.

The Antique blind got its name from the unique aged affect the laminate gives to the surface of the slating, where the slating used is Faux-wood. Its vintage feel is reminiscent of old framed art, where the golden borders seem aged, showing through a different surface underneath the streaks of flecked gold and bronze. This product was dubbed its new name as it became a new and innovative take on the 50mm slats, making its appeal broader and creating a new design for the slating which had never been seen before.

Ambient - Antique Venetian Blinds Ambient - Antique Venetian Blinds


The Antique Range now added a new dimension to the Faux-wood products. The new surfaces or laminates, meant that a new design of 50mm Venetian slats were born, carrying the same positive properties of the faux-wood before it and still cheaper than real wood blinds. Its distinctiveness comes from the tell-tale texture each slat has, like aged streaks of colour and grain, it truly adds a touch of elegance to any room.

Ambient - Antique Venetian Blinds

They are available in a pleasing range of colours that allow them to blend into any décor scheme or design.

Ambient - Antique Venetian Blinds

While there are many design elements or ideas throughout the colour sample available, that relay the layered Antique style, one detail that is apparent is that it is easy to incorporate into any type of space be it contemporary, modern, minimalist or traditional. Some of the colours offered are silvers to gold to bronze, which can be paired with design schemes that offer interior elements of colour. Other colours offered are based on the natural woods, where the ‘wooden’ structural structures are featured clearly and boldly on the laminate, offering a strong but still neutral look to the window. Whichever look one goes for, one thing is apparent, these blinds are not only unique but are a breath of fresh air for the 50mm Faux-wood that has been around for so long.

Ambient - Antique Venetian Blinds Ambient - Antique Venetian Blinds

Another new and defining feature of these blinds is the headrail or pelmet that they come with. The new sleek and innovative design is based around the piece matching the blind colour of choice. To do this, an aluminium extrusion has been used with a slot for the slat to fit into, neatly and elegantly. The aluminium is of course powder coated to match closely to the colour choice of the blind and can be used for either recess or face-fix option.

The Antique blind has come a long way and is yet still to break ground

“I believe innovation is the most powerful force for change in the world” Bill Gates.

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