Ambient Shutter Installation – Ahmed’s Textiles

The installation done in the beautiful white interiors using Ambient Shutters for the window treatments. Ahmeds textiles allowed us on the journey with them

This Ambient Shutter Installation – in the heart of Johannesburg – was recently completed by our dear friends, Ahmed’s Textiles. The pristine white walls, ceilings with splashes of colour complimented our shutters beautifully. The shutters create wonderful shadows and effects in the room while adding a sense of luxury and privacy.

AMBIENT Satin White Shutter Installation- Ahmed’s Textiles

AMBIENT Aluminium Security Shutters – The Shadows are beautiful


Ambient Security Aluminium Shutters are durable, have a timeless classic style, and are maintenance free. Their stylish design combined with practicality, which stretch from light and air control, to added security have made these shutters a desirable item in any home.

Ambient – Satin white – Open

With Ambient Shutters producing a high quality, personalized and custom-designed solutions – comes standard. Our shutters have been installed in some of the top celebrity and designer homes and hotels in South Africa. Ambient Shutters can also be used as partitions or room dividers within the home, as well as externally to enclose a patio. 100% locally crafted, their adjustable louver with louver locks and security shutters offer a 10-year guarantee.

Ambient Aluminium Security Shutters – The flush bolt lock patented system looks so sleek


Our Ambient shutters are designed to fit right in with your home life. We offer a wide range of shutters that are inherently flexible; our neat hidden tilt rod and tight-fitting louvers, for example, allow a range of light and privacy levels. With moisture-resistant materials and design, our products are suitable for bathrooms, kitchens and other damp environments.



Along with all these wonderful added features, Ambient Shutters can be fitted onto any window and in this installation they were particularly high. Some windows you definitely don’t want to mess with. Windows that sit high on your wall or things like sliding glass doors would be way too much hassle or just not feasible to replace the glass or put in window mats or window blankets. One of the biggest benefits of shutters is their customization. With several frames, mounts, and custom options to choose from, you’re sure to find one that can work for any window in your home.


This installation feels cool and warm at the same time and with summer around the corner, this highlights another aspect of Ambient Security Aluminium Shutters. The way most of that sweltering summer heat comes inside your home is through your windows. By installing a window treatment designed for energy efficiency, like ambient shutters, you can greatly reduce the ambient temperature in your home this summer.













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